Our luxury hair extensions offer fuller longer locks without the damage or discomfort

Get the long hair you’ve always dreamed of with our Invisible Bead Extension (IBE) Method or Habit Method certified hair extension technique. We’re passionate about offering these two methods because they maintain the integrity of your hair.

Luxury Hair Extensions

IBE and Habit were designed to solve three major hair extension challenges typically found with the various hand-tied methods available today. We’re excited to say our hair extension methods take away damage, discomfort and wear & tear:

- No more damage to your hair and scalp from tension and over-direction
- No more discomfort from the contact of beads to scalp (from “clamp & crank” bead approach)
- No more styling limitations on how you can wear your hair…wear it up down, or any which way without the worry of exposing beads, bonds or braids

16” 1 ROW $800+
16” 2 ROWS $950+

20” 1 ROW $850+
20” 2 ROWS $1200+

22” 1 ROW $1000+
22” 2 ROWS $1450+


Hair extensions are by appointment only.

One row can go a long way to a longer, fuller look. Two to three rows makes your hair Instagram-worthy! Plan ahead as each row takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Q: How many wefts will I need for my hair extensions?

A: In order to determine how many wefts you’ll need for your beautiful hair extensions, it depends on your hair density. Typically one row will require 3-5 wefts, so depending on your specific hair, 2-3 rows could require up to 8-14 wefts.

Q: Will my hair need to be colored to make sure the hair extensions blend in seamlessly?

A: Maybe. If we do determine that we need to color your own hair to get the best look for your hair extensions, that is an extra cost. And, we can’t guarantee that we can do your color and extensions on the same day.

Q: What do I need to know about booking one of these hair extension services?

A: Once you’ve decided on the IBE or Habit Method, a $300 deposit is required. Once the hair is ordered, your deposit is nonrefundable. PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT give you the hair once it’s purchased should you change your mind! You may use that deposit for another in-salon-service. 

In addition, you’ll be required to sign a contract before your hair extension appointment. If you’re a NO-SHOW to your consultation appointment you will not be scheduled any future appointments. 

Hair Extension FAQs

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