Static Salon strives to create beauty, not waste. This is why we have joined forces with Green Circle Salons to become a carbon neutral salon.

How we make a difference

195 lbs of color

220 lbs of single use items

696 lbs of plastic

876 lbs of paper

476 lbs of metal

575 lbs of hair

Each year on average we save: 

Static Salon ships the hair clippings from every haircut service to Green Circle Salons. Green Circle then sorts through the hair clippings and ships them to one of their partner facilities. At the facility the hair will either be composted with other organic waste, turned into bio-composite plastic to make new products, used to research and develop new environmental technology, or made into products to be used for Humanitarian efforts. 

Hair Clippings


Static Salon collects all excess hair color and ships it off to Green Circle Salons. They then take the color and consolidate it before shipping it to one of their partner facilites. At the facility the excess hair color will either be turned into clean energy or separated into water and oil. If the color is separated, the water is cleaned and returned into the water system and the oil is blended into fuel!

Excess Hair Color



Static Salon collects metal like foils, color tubes, and aerosol containers to ship off to Green Circle Salons. While at their warehouses, they sort through the metals and depressurize aerosol cans before sending them onto one of their partner facilities. At the facility the metal will be sorted by grade and type, melted down into aluminum sheets or bars, and used to make new products like car parts and bicycles!




Static Salon collects used personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks, disinfectant wipes, and all gloves. Due to the hazardous nature of PPE boxes, they are safely incinerated and turned into clean renewable energy to power our homes and businesses or the ash can be used to make filler in asphalt and other construction materials. 

PPE Waste



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